About Us

Miami Vacation Rentals.is a short term vacation and holiday rental agency that specializes in providing high quality holiday apartments together with an excellent price ratio. As part of an already successful company that is actively providing our clients with.New York apartment rentals and short term vacation apartments in Barcelona.you can expect to benefit from our combined experience of 10 years in the vacation rentals industry.

The internet has not only made searching for holiday apartments more accessible, but it has also created a mind field of potential pitfalls for travelers wanting to experience other parts of the world. Since our foundation, we have prided ourselves on using the most state-of-the-art technology platforms to help increase traffic and awareness for all of our properties, as well as giving a bespoke service to each one of our guests. We strive for customer satisfaction and with this approach we have expanded our business into new territories.

What makes us different? Well, as one of the market leaders in short term apartment rentals in New York, we have used our tried and tested formula to great success and this is why thousands of visitors choose us every year as their preferred Number 1 choice when it comes to short term rental websites. Why? Because each one of our guest is assigned a designated travel assistance that goes into absolute detail to ensure you get value for money as well as a great service.

Our Mission

Miami Vacation Rentals has only one mission, to make each one of our customers feel 100% satisfied with the service and care they receive from us. We want to become and stay your preferred Number 1 choice when it comes to short term rental websites, by offering the most attractive apartments, an easy to use website and an excellent customer service.

We live by one motto, “only offer apartments that we ourselves would choose”. Each one of our.Miami apartments.must meet our strict high quality standards: location, equipment, facilities and competitive prices.

Each one of our Miami holiday apartments consists of the following information:

- Unlimited photos: allowing you to see the apartment layout and imagine your vacation in Miami.

- Description: of the district, amenities, main attractions, the apartment features and equipment.

- Map: showing the exact location of every Miami apartment.

- Pricing: all inclusive pricing, with no hidden extra costs! All VAT is included.

- Reviews: where applicable, our apartments feature the reviews and opinions of our guests.

Whenever you visit a new city or country, there will be a feeling of excitement, but also one of apprehension when you start to think, what to see, where to go and what to do. We at Miami Vacation Rentals will continually strive to deliver a second-to-none customer service and if you are ever in doubt, then there is always one of our friendly Miami specialists here to help you in any way possible.

We know what our client's expectations are, we personally know Miami and that is why we are able to offer specific advice on every district.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a holiday rental or vacation accommodation can be a daunting prospect as you will be swamped by millions of web pages and portals such as Craigslist, VRBO, HomeAway, etc. Yes, it is easy to get carried away with all the accommodation choices that are on offer, but if you are thinking of a costly hotel, maybe just take a breath and think. Holiday apartments offer more value for money over hotels as you can save of restaurant bills by cooking at home, no costly mini bars, the accommodations are far more spacious, no customary tips and your location will even make the locals envious!

Now, there are two ways in which you can book, either directly with an owner or through a.Miami vacation rental specialist.like Miami Vacation Rentals Online. The first option is not for the faint hearted! Do you know the owner, have they been vetted? Can you be assured the accommodation actually exists? What if there is a problem with the apartment, will you get an alternative?